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Respite Care Services

Relief for Primary Caregivers

Arc’s Respite Care Services provide significant benefits for both caregivers and their dependents. Respite Care Providers offer temporary care and companionship to children and adults with disabilities, allowing primary caregivers much-needed relief and time to attend to other responsibilities or take a break. This enables caregivers to build a better, more fulfilling connection with their dependents. By taking a break, caregivers can feel more energetic, focused, and reinvigorated about their caregiving role.

For the dependent, the companionship provided by our dedicated respite care staff offers stimulation, variety, and a welcomed change in routine. Respite Care Providers offer an enjoyable and rewarding experience to those in their care, which can take place at home or in the community.

We ensure a safe and compatible relationship between our clients and their Respite Care Providers. Before starting their job, all our respite care professionals undergo orientation, including certification in First Aid and CPR, an extensive criminal background check, and health clearance. Our respite care professionals also attend ongoing workshops and training sessions to improve their knowledge and performance.

We take the process of finding the right respite care professional very seriously, as we understand the importance of matching the individual’s skills and compatible personality to the client’s needs and preferences.

Promotores & Translation Services

Promotores work in collaboration with providers and agencies to identify the needs of the community and facilitate access to services. The goal is to eliminate cultural barriers such as language, stigma, and mistrust, which can hinder access to community services, especially mental health services. By doing so, the program aims to increase awareness and access to these services.

Translation Services provides essential language access exclusively for individuals referred by Far Northern Regional Center. Our program coordinates translation services to ensure clients have support during medical appointments, fostering effective communication and access to essential healthcare services.

Please note that requests for this service must originate from Far Northern Regional Center; direct requests from clients to The Arc cannot be accommodated.

For program specific questions or concerns, please contact:

Ruth Beibers

Associate Director of Respite Care Services, Family Support, Translation Services

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